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Whether you plan on racing down a world-class track or driving down the interstate, Toyo Tires applies leading-edge technology, innovation, and testing to every tire we develop, including yours. After more than 60 years, Toyo Tires remains a world leader in the design and production of tires, having been voted #1 overall consumer brand time and again by the experts: independent tire dealers.

What does this mean for you? No matter where you live, no matter what type of car or truck you drive, no matter how sharp the turn or sudden the stop, your Toyo tires will help you handle it like a pro.

Unfortunately, as Toyo restricted tire online reselling, we do not carry the Toyo brand anymore. However, if you are looking for highly performant and quality tires, we should have a look at Pirelli tires and Bridgestone tires. 


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