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Everything you should know about wheels and tires!

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Here are the five best road trips across the Great White North, each promising unforgettable memories and at least one argument over directions.

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car, electric car - 14/06/2023

EV sellers often mention that these vehicles are maintenance free. True or false? Rather, this assertion needs to be qualified.

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car, été, hiver, pneu, summer, tire, voiture, winter - 14/06/2023

Saving money is usually the primary motivation for keeping winter tires on during the summer. But it's not always the most economical choice. And while saving a tire installation in the spring may be worthwhile, it may not be the safest choice when winter arrives. Let’s explain!

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car, electric car, pneu, tire, voiture, voiture électrique - 08/06/2023

When time will come to buy new tires, some unique characteristics should be taken into account, although many factors are similar to those for traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Here are our tips to help you choose the right tires for your electric vehicle!

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car, tire - 05/06/2023

Yes, those numbers in the tire size do mean something! Understanding them can save you a lot of trouble! They assure you proper fitment on your car, making shopping easier. As it may be confusing at first glance, let us give you some tips to become a pro!

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car, pneu, tire, voiture - 25/04/2023

Your brother in law has an old set of tires in his shed and “graciously” offers them to you…“It’s almost the same size as yours!!!”… Good offer? Well...Might be not!

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